Restart Pack

Help Restaurants provides you the tools to restart your business with the Restart Pack. All the digital tools you will need at a pre-negotiated price & conditions, no contract & automatic renewal.

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A solution validated by more than 2500 restaurants

  • Pizza E Bella
  • Hinterland
  • buvette
  • Zinneke

Restart Pack

During deconfinement, customers want to choose and book their restaurant online: be more visible and convincing on the web this summer.

For only €199 (337€ is offered by our partners), you are good to go until September 30, 2020. Benefit from the best web tools, the setup costs are covered by the partners.

No contract, no automatic renewal

  • You will get in 48 hours:
  • 🖥 Upgrade or creation your website
  • ✅ Creation or integration of your reservation system
  • 🔍 Update your Google listing
  • 🥇 Improving your SEO
  • 📲 QR code digital menu
  • 📦 Integration of pick-up and delivery solutions
  • 🤝 A team available to help you
  • Manhattns
  • Cipiace
  • Notos
  • Canne En Ville

The contents of the restart pack

All-in-one to relaunch your restaurant successfully this summer.

🖥 Upgrade or creation your website

A site optimized with the latest technologies so as not to miss any client: quick to load (100/100 in Google test with optimized visuals), suitable for smartphones and all other screen sizes, available in 9 different languages, to suit tourists and expatriates. With all these features, you are sure not to miss a customer!

🔍 Updating your Google listing

Many establishments found themselves temporarily closed or with adapted services during the crisis and this information is no longer up to date, we will update your files as many times as necessary.

✅ Simple reservation system

This will allow you to keep track of your reservations while following the recommendations for COVID-19 and saving time compared to telephone reservations.

📦 Integrations of your pick-up and delivery solutions

Did you start pick-up and delivery during the health crisis? Have these options always been your main sales channel? Highlight them on your site and on Google to meet the needs of more customers.

📲 Implementation of a digital QR code menu

To reassure your customers and follow the hygiene measures recommended by the government, offer a digital card with a QR code.

🤝 A team available to help you

A team of restaurant enthusiasts who have been serving restaurants for 7 years, with a customer satisfaction rate of 99%. You can count on us !

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