Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of questions we often receive. Do you still have a question? Then don't hesitate to contact us via

For Consumers

  • Are takeaway and deliveries still allowed?

    Yes, restaurants, caterers and take-out counters may remain open to allow their customers to take an order with them, subject to compliance with certain safety and hygiene rules.

  • Are deliveries still allowed?

    Deliveries are also permitted subject to compliance with the rules of contactless delivery, which avoids any contact between the customer and the deliveryman on the one hand, but also between the deliveryman and the restaurant on the other hand.

  • What is the right attitude to adopt when ordering for take-away?

    It is necessary to respect the rules set by the government such as the safety distance between each person, as well as contactless payment. When you get home you must wash your hands thoroughly (hot water and soap for more than 20 seconds).

  • Why aren't all open local businesses listed?

    We will add the restaurants / food stores that we identify as still open little by little. Feel free to suggest those that are missing using the form above or by email. If this initiative works or the containment continues we will add more areas.

    Report a missing restaurant

For restaurateurs

  • What are the hygiene rules to communicate to my employees?

    We advise you to follow the hygiene rules communicated on the Deliveroo help center.

  • What are the rules of hygiene to be communicated to the deliverymen?

    A guide to communicate to deliverers has been created by Deliveroo on this subject, you can download it below.

On the "Help Restaurants" initiative

  • Who's "Help Restaurants" for?

    The website is open to all restaurateurs located in France. Regions and cities are added progressively.

  • Oh, great! Contact us as soon as possible by email!

    I would like to be a partner of the initiative

  • How long does it take for my business to be included in the list?

    As soon as you have registered and completed your data correctly, your business will be added to the platform after verification and approval by a partner.

  • Can I modify my data after registration?

    Yes, after registration you will receive a single access to modify the information of your establishment (for example: telephone number, delivery service providers, logo, etc.), you can adapt these at any time.

  • Is it free to be included on Aide Aux Restaurateurs?

    Yes! There are no costs associated with being listed on the site.